Jenny’s Butterfly Stickers


Wallies® range of wall stickers is a collection of beautiful, engaging designs sure to be loved by adults and children alike.  The stickers will look great in the nursery, play room or any other play space. 
The large murals each contain 71cm x 102cm (28″ x 40″) sheets of die cut pieces.  They are quick and easy to put up, all you do is wet and apply. A sponge or paper towel and water are all the supplies you need. To remove, simply wet the mural very well and peel them off; the glue is water soluable.  They work on many surfaces including walls, wood and glass.
2 sheets
8 Large butterfilies up to 29cm x 56cm
10 Medium Butterfies up to 17cm x 15cm
10 Small Butterflies up to 16cm x 11cm
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