Play House Stickers


Wallies® range of wall stickers is a collection of beautiful, engaging designs sure to be loved by adults and children alike.  The stickers will look great in the nursery, play room or any other play space. 
The Play House stickers allow children to use their imagination and create their own design.  These stickers are intended to be removed and repositioned to create a different look.  No water, no mess, no sticky residue and safe for most surfaces.
2 sheets
1 house 55cm x 41cm (21¾” x 16¼”)
2 girls 12cm x 8cm (4¾” x 3″)
4 bunches of flowers 6cm x 7cm to 15cm x 5cm
(2½” x 3″ to 6″ x 2″)
7 trees 11cm x 6cm to 29cm x 9cm
(4½” x 2¼” to 11½” x 3½”)
8 pieces of furniture 4cm x 4cm to 13cm x 5cm
(1½” x 1½” to 5¼” x 2″)
7 clouds 7cm x 4cm to 13cm x 7cm
(3″ x 1¾” to 5″ x 3″)
Not recommended for textured or rough surfaces.
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