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Helping Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Helping your baby to sleep through the night

When you ask most new parents what one thing they find the hardest about having a young baby you’ll probably get the resounding answer “lack of sleep!”.  Whilst some babies seem to be naturally good sleepers many wake up regularly throughout the night, and there’s no doubt that whilst it’s always lovely to have a cuddle with your little one 3am isn’t the ideal time for it. So how can you help your baby to sleep better (and help yourself to get a bit of a rest too) – we’ve come up with some great suggestions for you to try out.

Keep your baby in your room with you

You’ll often hear this referred to as “rooming in” by health professionals, and it is recommended by the NHS that babies should sleep in the same room as their parents for the first 6 months of their lives. As well as being better for your little ones safety the knowledge of having their parents near to them can also help to comfort restless sleepers. If you don’t have space for a cot in your bedroom then a Moses basket is the ideal solution for the early months. Comfy, cosy and portable it means that wherever you are your baby can go with you. We love this simple white Moses basket set from Izziwotnot which has been designed in neutral colours to suit any room scheme.

Go organic

We all know that organic food is good for us but did you know that you can get organic bedding too? As well as being snuggly and soft our organic mattresses have the benefit of being extra breathable to help your little one control their temperature better. They are also anti dust mite and 100% chemical free. This makes them ideal for babies with eczema or allergies and means that your child gets a better nights sleep with no coughing, sneezing, itching or snuffling! We also have a stunning range of bedding and duvet covers which as well as being adorably cute are made from luxurious organic cotton percale.

Get some fresh air

Fresh air is well known as an aid to sleep and it’s good for body and soul. Try to take your baby out for a walk every day to give them a taste of the great outdoors. The exercise will also help you to relax and get to sleep too. We love the Bugaboo range of pushchairs as there’s one for every lifestyle from country living to city slickers. So choose the pram to suit you and get out and about – both you and your little one will feel better for it.

Help your baby to relax

A calm and relaxed baby is more likely to fall asleep easily. It might seem that sometimes the crying will never stop but luckily there are a range of ways that you can help your baby to chill out. Learning baby massage is a brilliant way to bond with your baby and it can really help them to relax too. There are plenty of courses and books out there to help you and we recommend using a gorgeous natural oil such as the Shea Mooti baby oil. Gentle movement can also help your baby to drift off peacefully and many mums say that a rocking chair is a nursery essential. Our gorgeous Ro-ki Rocker chair is perfect for rocking your little one to sleep and who knows – you might like to have a snooze in it too!

Hopefully our suggestions will work for you and you’ll be getting a restful night in no time. If you have discovered a great way to help your little one visit the land of nod then do let us know on our social media pages as we’d love to share it with others.

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Custard and Crumble Gift Bags and Offers

Custard and Crumble Gift Bags and Offers Finding out that you are pregnant must definitely go down as one of the most exciting days of your life! It’s amazing when you discover you are having a baby, and at Custard and Crumble we want your pregnancy to be...

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Keeping Well This Winter

Keeping Well This Winter

So Halloween is over, the last of the bonfire night toffees have gone…and you know that winter is well on the way! Whilst it’s lovely to look forward to Christmas with your little one we also know that the dark evenings and the chills in the air are not always great for your health or that of your baby. In the winter months our immune systems often struggle to fight off infections and, combined with high levels of central heating that encourage germs to spread, it’s all too easy to catch coughs and colds. If you are pregnant or a new mum it’s really important to keep yourself well this winter and of course you want to prevent your little one from nasty sniffles and tummy bugs too.

The good news is that there’s lots you can do to keep as healthy as possible in the colder months and so here are our tried and tested tips for winter wellness…

Wrap up warm and stay cosy

Fresh air is always good for you and it’s important for your health to keep active despite the often gloomy weather. But of course when you take your little one out you’ll want to ensure that they are kept toasty warm even in the depths of winter. We recommend investing in one of our “oh so cosy” cellular blankets. These are the only blankets recommended for new-borns and have been specially designed to give a soft feel on babies delicate skin. The clever design also means that they help your little one stay cool in summer but warm in winter, so you can still get outside every day safe in the knowledge that your little one is protected from the elements.

Good sleep means good health

Sleep is vital for keeping well so it’s important to make the most of it. However we know that this isn’t always easy when you have a new-born! If your baby or toddler naps in the day then try to sleep at the same time. You can also make falling asleep easier for yourself by cutting out caffeinated drinks and soothing yourself with a warm bath and a mug of camomile tea before bed. If you’re pregnant it’s also a good idea to take it easy especially in the final trimester. For daytime naps why not invest in one of our Co-Ko Rocker nursing chairs to soothe you to sleep. When your little one is here they are ideal for comfy late night feeds, and they are also perfect for snuggling up with your older children on a winters evening for a cup of cocoa and a story!

Take your vitamins regularly

A healthy diet is important for everyone but particularly for new mums, mums to be and young children. Fresh fruit and veg are brilliant for providing your body with the nutrients that it needs but in the winter months you may be left feeling that you still need a bit of a boost. So why not think about taking a regular vitamin supplement to ensure you are firing on all cylinders?  These vitamins from Wild Nutrition are naturally formulated and they have special blends for fertility, pregnancy and beyond. We think they are great and we’re offering 20 % off with our special code WNCC1.

Be prepared with a winter medicine cabinet

It makes good sense to be prepared early with a winter first aid kit. For children’s sniffles and high temperatures it’s a good idea to have in Calpol and a vapour rub such as snufflebabe to hand and rehydration salts are useful in case your little one suffers from tummy bugs. For the adults in the house make sure you have a stock of painkillers, Lemsips, throat pastilles and balsam tissues.  Don’t forget to take anti-bacterial gel and wipes out with you too in your change bag to help keep germs away when you are out and about!

Winter can be a fantastic season but it’s definitely a time to focus on keeping healthy too. We’d love to hear how you deal with winter bugs, coughs and colds. If you have any keeping well tips why not share them with us on our Facebook Page or tweet us @CustardCrumble

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Spring Baby Essentials

Spring is a wonderful time to have a new baby. The blossom is on the trees, the evenings are drawing out and there’s a hint of sunshine in the air. If you’re expecting a baby this spring you may be busy compiling a ‘must have’ list of items to buy before you give birth. With so much choice out there we know that it can often be hard to narrow it down – so we thought that we’d share our essential spring baby items with you to help you choose!

  1. 1.     A Baby Sleeping Bag

Although the days may be warmer there can still be a chill as night time falls and it’s important to keep your little one warm. However many new parents are worried about babies overheating under lots of blankets, or alternatively you might find yourself woken up in the night by a cold baby who has kicked off the sheets! That’s why we recommend a baby sleeping bag. These adorable sleep pods keep your baby warm and safe and are ideal for babies from birth onwards. We love our gorgeous Piccoli sleeping bag because it is just so cosy, and what’s more it is made from 100% organic cotton – ideal for your baby’s sensitive skin.

  1. 2.     A Stylish Change Bag

Just because you’re going to be a mum it doesn’t have to mean you lose your sense of style! Be prepared to get out and about with your baby in tow this spring and choose one of our stunning change bags from the KeriKit range. These bags are the height of fashion and their roomy interior and practical pockets mean that there’s plenty of room for everything your baby needs too.  We think that the Keri Jane Camel is perfect for spring with its sumptuous camel leather look.


  1. 3.     An Organic Moses Basket and Bedding


When you become a new mum you’ll really learn the value of a good nights sleep so anything that can help your little one to sleep through the night is a must have product! We believe that the foundation of good sleep for newborns is a good Moses basket. Using a Moses basket for your baby’s first bed means that they’ll feel cosy and safe. It’s also an ideal way to keep your baby close to you even when sleeping, and it’s portable too so that your little one can make the most of any sunny weather. Our Palm Moses Basket is organic and comes with a certified organic bumper and sheet from The Little Green Sheep – meaning that it’s perfectly gentle and breathable for that supersoft baby skin.


  1. 4.      A Play Blanket

Sunshine is great for little ones (and mums too) so as the spring days get longer and warmer you’ll want to be outside as much as possible. That’s why we think a multipurpose play blanket is a must have item for any mum. Our Harlequin Dawn play mat is stunning and organically soft. Use it for tummy time play, take it to the park with you for outdoor picnics, cover up when having a nap in the buggy or use it as a cot blanket! The timeless design and high quality means that your blanket will last and last!


Of course there’s a whole range of beautiful nursery goods available at Custard and Crumble so why not take a look at our website to get some great nursery design ideas too!

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Custard & Crumble

This post is for all those who searched for custard and crumble recipes and managed to stumble upon our monkeys! Of course we hope you love our range of luxury nursery furniture, baby bedding, ride on cars, nursery wall stickers and personalised baby gifts, but we thought we’d at least offer something you wanted in the first place! I love this take on the traditional custard & crumble pudding!

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Pink Lining Changing Bag Review   As I said in my last blog about the cuddledry towel, I find it always reassuring to read a positive review about a product before buying it.  So here is another review, this time of the fabulous changing bags by Pink...

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